9 Simple and Stylish Bedroom Ideas in Singapore

The normal bedroom can be more fun if you give it a simple touch of upgrade. Bored of seeing your common bedroom design? Hey, there is nothing wrong with re-new your whole bedroom to a more astounding look! For those of you who just bought a new HDB flat or just wish for a renovation, then you need to know the bedroom ideas Singapore down below!

Reasons You Need Bedroom Design Singapore Renovation

First, you might be fatigued to see your current bedroom messy or it is not well-organized and it makes you uncomfortable to relax after a long day of work. In order to have a fresh look, you need a bedroom renovation right away. The interior designer or contractor can always give you what you need.

For example, Exqsite Interior in Singapore. We provide creative and effective solutions to all problems. You do not have to worry, your bedroom will be spectacular in our hands!

Next, you may want to save space or enlarge space for your things. Small or big bedrooms, both of them have similar functions; to help you rest. If you put all the stuff inside a small bedroom, it will be too sloppy. Thus, considering having a bedroom renovation is the best way to overcome the problem.

Otherwise, if you wish to enlarge space and fill it with functional things, you definitely need a renovation, because you might not fully understand how to organize furniture and picking the themes. But, relax, Exqsite Interior is always here to help, with a good budget planning as well!

Simple and Stylish Bedroom Ideas Singapore

Want to know more about bedroom ideas in Singapore? Whether you have an HDB flat or want to renovate a landed property’s bedroom, stay tuned. Here are some references.

Combine Two Rooms

Common HDB flats come in a small size, though you can always change the concept. For instance, merge two rooms; master bedroom and probably kids room. Therefore, you can attain a more flexible layout for your bedroom while also monitoring your kids. In general, merging rooms can give an illusion of a spacious bedroom or even home.

It is Time to Splash Some Colors and Patterns!

Black and white-monochrome themes may make your bedroom seem larger. But, try to explore some more! Such as painting the walls with pastels or soft neutrals. Soft pink is one of the trending colors that people often choose for a bedroom. The soft color can reflect natural light and enlarge a small area.

Patterns are also a good option in order to bring more fun to the feature wall design. Stripes, geometrics, or abstract patterns can make the whole room stand out.

Touch of Greens

It is like you can transfer the sense of nature into your bedroom easily. The best way is to add plants. The greens will make the entire room feel fresh and pleasing to look at. They create a good environment as well, especially when you open the windows in the morning and let the breeze take in… Isn’t that amazing? Add some scented candles to enhance the ambience.

Curtains and Blinds

Put on some light-colored curtains to make your bedroom just as large as your living room! Plus, they can also bring as much natural lighting as possible.

Crystal Clear Wardrobe

Hack a small corner of your bedroom to install a wardrobe design. Instead of having a regular wardrobe, you can try with a transparent or a see-through style like glass paneling. This helps the room to have a smoother impression. Besides, it is more obvious to see your clothing. Just make sure it is tidy!

Platform Beds

Platform beds do not only add a visual aesthetic, but can also function as storage. The hidden slide-out or top-opening storage can definitely save some space. Here, you can store bags for bigger stuff.

Extra Storage

Extra storage can be made with building racks beside or above your bed. Such as a hidden headboard for storing knick knacks, or recessed shelves in the wall. This seamless design will embolden the room. You can put some books or a night lamp there.

Built-in Vanity Tables

Do you wish to save space even more? Install a built-in vanity table that you can fold or hide in. It is the same as a multifunctional table that can be combined with anything such as a study table or more storage. Try to set up a coherent design from your wardrobe’s exterior. 

Exqsite Interior Design

Lastly, contact Exqsite Interior to get the best interior design for stylish and simple bedroom ideas! We have gained several achievements such as HDB licensed renovation contractor, bizSafe Star, and more! By hiring us, you can always attain fast feedback while we design your bedroom and home based on what you desire.

Have an HDB flat or landed property? Then, having a bedroom renovation is the next step to do! You can manage to have the design as you like with optimal budget planning as well.

Exqsite Interior Will Always be There to Perfect Your Home

Contact us or come to see our showroom at 8 Boon Lay Way Tradehub Singapore! Do not hesitate, we assure you that you will get the most ideal interior designs that you have been dreaming of! Check our previous work.

9 Simple and Stylish Bedroom Ideas in Singapore
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