Wardrobe Design: How do I build a bedroom walk in wardrobe?

Wardrobe organizer in the singapore can be the most important part of a bedroom. The walk in wardrobe will not only fulfill its purpose as a storage space, but also serve to make your bedroom look more stylish and modern. If you’re in need of wardrobe design for your home, here are some tips on built in wardrobe design in singapore  that will suit any taste!


The floor plan of an existing room could be altered, with a sectioned-off area under the eaves and drawers on one side against the short wall. Alternatively, if you’re extending your home to incorporate new space for bedrooms or bathrooms, you can consider including clever storage ideas in advance that will save time later and help make best use of available space.

Space, as it turns out, is pretty much everywhere. Whether you want to create a small space or a large one, there are ways to store your clothes and other items inside the walk in wardrobe. If you have an open walk in wardrobe design with plenty of shelves, you can store a lot more clothes than someone who has a wardrobe that’s closed and not very deep.

The wardrobe is all about storage and functionality, so think carefully before buying it! It’s better to get the correct size wardrobe for your bedroom space than having too much or too little room inside.


One of the most common spaces that people store clothes in is their bedroom. The issue with this space however, come when you decide to add a dresser or extra set of drawers because then there’s nowhere for your clothing! To avoid these problems and make sure your closet will be able to handle all those items, measure how much room you have available so that everything can still fit comfortably.


Shelves above hanging rails or doors are great for holding items that don’t get used as often, such as your hat boxes. And mirrored cupboards will give the illusion of more space in a long walk-in wardrobe!


Shoe box just work with obeyed footwear, so all things considered pick level retires and transparent plastic boxes, which are extraordinary for stacking and finding the right shoes initially. 

Then again, append Polaroids of the shoes inside to the outside of existing shoe boxes, prepared for simple recognizable proof.


When it comes to those shoes that never go away, you can use a shoe larder with pull out shelves. These are similar to what is found in kitchens and they allow the user to store multiple pairs of shoes at once without taking up too much space or cluttering their closet floor because each pair will be separated from one another on its own shelf!


Well-planned lighting shouldn’t cost more than 20 per cent of the budget. LEDs give the best light for viewing garments, and spot lights can be adjusted.


The best way to maximize space and make a room feel more open is by installing sliding doors instead of pocket or hinged. Not only does this keep the valuable wall space free, but it also allows for optimal airflow throughout the house. Sliding door designs can vary from traditional crystal-clear glass panels, which offer an airy aesthetic that’s perfect if you live in a humid area; corrugated metal cladding with insulating properties so your hardwood floors stay cool all summer long; even soundproofing drapes for those who want their home as private as possible!


Modular systems come in a range of prices, but if you’re looking for something bespoke and more customized than what’s on the market right now, there are plenty to choose from. For example: open storage with melamine finishes can start at around $500 per linear meter while full wardrobes with doors will set you back about $1200 per linear meter!


If you’re on a tight budget and want to get the most bang for your buck, then be sure not waste any space by folding and stacking garments. This technique will help keep more items in less room so that it’s easier to see what clothes are inside!

How Much Do bedroom wardrobe design in singapore cost?

Wardrobes are a great way to separate your clothes from the rest of your house. It’s easy for things to get lost or mixed up in one big mess, but with an organized wardrobe, everything is neatly tucked away and ready when you need them!

The first step in organizing any closet space is figuring out what system works best for it – do I want all my shirts on hangers? Do I prefer drawers which can be labeled by type instead? Once this decision has been made, we’ll figure out how much room there will be inside based on size and shape; if more than one person (or pet!) shares this space then each individual needs their own allotted amount of storage so that no fights break out over who gets

The most normal factors that will decide the value you pay for introducing built in wardrobe design singapore are:

  • Size
  • Quality
  • Materials used
  • Additional fittings (such as integrated lighting, shelving, shoe racks, etc)
  • Average 3-door standard fitted wardrobe cost: $2,650
  • Average 3-section sliding door fitted wardrobe cost:
  • $3,200
  • Average fitted wardrobe carpenter cost (labour only): $225 per day

Have we inspired you to get organised with a nifty walk in wardrobe? Give us call now to make your bedroom wardrobe design in singapore dream come true!

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Wardrobe Design: How do I build a bedroom walk in wardrobe?
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