5 Modern Bedroom Design For Small Family In Singapore

Living in a small family and want to design your bedroom with modern style? Here are 5 Modern Bedroom Design For Small Family in Singapore that you can use as reference.

How do you make a small bedroom design look nice and modern?

It’s very simple but having all the necessary furniture makes your bedroom look good. The color palette should also blend well with other parts of your house such as walls or carpets from different colours so that there is no need to buy matching curtains because they can lead to too much brightness at night time. Avoid using heavy patterns like floral prints as these may seem overwhelming to small children when they want to rest after school

Designing a bedroom for a small family

One strategy to make a small bedroom look larger is by using mirrors. Mirrors can be used in any place you like, for example on the wall or ceiling on either side of your bed and lining up the dresser mirror with it. This will create an illusion that makes the room feel bigger

Putting furniture near walls also helps to make your bedroom seem more spacious as well as making sure there are no empty spaces

It’s vital to present clear pathways so people know where they should walk which means not cluttering areas too much which can cause confusion- stick to one type of storage solution if possible such as shelving rather than flooring stacked with boxes

You could use curtains made from sheer fabric for privacy but these won’t block out light

Bedroom design with modern style

Modern bedroom design is a style that has been trending for the past few years and it’s still going strong. This type of bedroom utilizes minimal space by incorporating furniture pieces into walls, doors or behind mirrors to avoid taking up too much floor area, this makes your room seem larger than what it actually is.

The best way to make your small bedroom space feel bigger would be to use built-in wardrobes instead of wooden closets; these can provide more storage without cluttering up any floor space.

You could also use bedside tables/storage units if you prefer keeping things on display rather than tucked away in an enclosed wardrobe – alternatively, try adding some shelving near a wall so that there are no empty spaces which will help create clear pathways throughout

5 Modern bedroom HDB design ideas

Most homes in Singapore have tiny bedroom. Many people just add a lot of furniture like a wardrobe, bed, vanity, chair, books without reorganizing it which makes your tiny bedroom look even smaller and makes us feel not uncomfortable in our own bedroom. Adding a lot of things is making a lot of wasted space. We can change that wasted space into a useful space.

Having a small cramped bedroom doesn’t mean you can’t have more space to keep your things in your bedroom. Here are “5 room HDB interior design ideas” that will inspire you!

Play with color and stripes

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Color is the important thing to make our bedroom more spacious. People usually choose a white color to paint their room to make it simple. But aren’t you bored with your plain white bedroom walls? If so, you can change your white walls into pastel colors. It will help to maximize your bedroom and make your bedroom look warm. If it’s too difficult to paint your bedroom, you can use wallpaper. But you may not choose the dark one because it will make your bedroom look smaller. You can also try to use stripes, the stripes can help you to make your bedroom look high and wide.

Add light curtains

We usually have a cramped bedroom in Singapore. We can add light curtains to make our bedroom look bigger. It will let the lights get into our room. A dark curtain will make your bedroom look smaller. You can also add a mirror wall to your bedroom. It will make your bedroom look wider. Mirrors can be used to reflect the light, so you can get more lighting in your bedroom and save electricity.


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Who doesn’t have books? All of us have read books but the problem is we don’t have space to keep our books in our bedroom. For book lovers, these bookshelves ideas will help you to keep your books. You can make your own library in your bedroom. Making bookshelves in our bedroom will save a lot of space and you can find your book easier now.

Built an Overbed wardrobe

F:\article\New folder\16 small bedroom storage ideas – for a practical, smart and versatile scheme.png

We do need storage to keep things in our bedroom. But the matter is our bedroom is too small to keep all of our things. Overbed wardrobe is a solution! An overbed wardrobe will open up your bathroom significantly better than walk in wardrobe design. It will also increase your storage. You must try this to your Singapore condo interior. As you build an over bed wardrobe, you can see the difference! It will make your bed look wider and luxurious.

Mounted lights

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If you have a small bedroom, a mounted light is a yes and say no to table lamps. Mounted light will help you to save some space. You can hang your mounted lights on the wall near your bed or you can also choose another mounted light that suits you at Ikea interior design.

Exqsite Interior in Singapore

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5 Modern Bedroom Design For Small Family In Singapore
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