Popular and Best Interior Designers in Tradehub 21 Singapore?

Obviously, the choices are not only one to five of the top interior design companies, but there are hundreds of interior design firms in Singapore. How could you find the best one among them? Here, we will give you recommendations of the best interior designers Singapore, especially in Tradehub 21!

Interior Designer Firms in Singapore

Literally, interior designers’ main job is to design and build a home to maximize each space’s function in the house. Plus, they make the interior styling of home or office spaces more functional, and create the space safer, more beautiful with a special sense of style.

The style means they need to give you recommendations of each piece of furniture needed, lighting, colors, and materials. Some of the interior designers might provide you with 3D innovation’s design to simplify you when discussing the interior design with them.

Well, although it may seem like a lot of work, it will not be a big deal for real professional interior designers. Several ID firms in Singapore can handle your home renovation process! One of them is Exqsite Interior.

If you are looking to hire an interior designer, Exqsite can become a design consultant for you! Besides, Exqsite is a licensed renovation contractor that you can find in 8 Boon Lay Way Tradehub!

Popular and Best Interior Designer In Tradehub 21 Singapore

Are you a fan of artistic interiors? And do you really need home renovations right now because you have seen your certain rooms might feel boring? Then, you must be exhausted from finding a reliable interior design firm to take care of your interior styling. Relax, here are six professional interior design firms in Singapore that you can choose.


In Singapore, there is one interior designer company called Carpenters. Based on the data, Carpenters has completed more than 12.000 renovation projects with a total of 9.000+ satisfied clients. The aim of this interior design firm is to realize the unique, high-class, and elegant impression toward the design in your home.

M Cloud Design Pte Ltd

This one interior design firm tends to give you a modern, elegant, and contemporary design to your home. M Cloud Design Pte Ltd usually takes almost any kind of projects, such as HDB, condos, landed properties, or commercial places. 

Design 4 Space Pte Ltd

The primary focus from Design 4 Space Pte Ltd is to create, build, and design the unique residential and commercial offices. In order to do all the creative work, Design 4 Space Pte Ltd implements the designs for wall effects, lighting fixation, cabinets, and patterns.

NorthWest Interior Design

NorthWest Interior Design wants to reflect the different styles for space, color texture, furniture, light, and materials used for the renovation projects. It is known that NorthWest Interior Design has a high-quality work for HDBs interior designs in Singapore.

Exqsite Interior

Last but not least, Exqsite Interior! If you choose Exqsite to become your number one and only interior design company, well, you are in the very right place! Since Exqsite was established in 2017, all the workers have been doing real interior design projects for over 20 years of experience. Plus, all of them have an HDB licensed renovation contractor, which illuminates the quality of each of our work.

Exqsite Interior will always try to understand your needs and desires by having to schedule meetings, whether it is a face-to-face meeting or an online one. Your interests are our top priorities.

Besides, we provide creative and effective solutions to all kinds of problems that you might encounter while the process of renovating is still on-going. Moreover, we will also monitor and inspect the process closely in order to give you such a peace of mind.

Do not worry! Exqsite Interior is a trustworthy company that you can rely on! We have several achievements; HDB licensed renovation contractor, ACS registrars, and bizSafe star. Thus, all the awards we have achieved proves that you can definitely hire us to do the work of creating your dream home!

Contact Exqsite Interior Now!

Do not hesitate to give us a call, guys! But, if you intend to see our previous interior design projects in Singapore, we will always welcome you in 8 Boon Lay Way Tradehub. We assure you get the best result of interior design styling and services!

Popular and Best Interior Designers in Tradehub 21 Singapore?
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