7 Minimalist Affordable Bedroom Design Ideas in Singapore

Minimalism is one of the best design styles that you can choose for your Bedroom. The application of this concept does not have to be flashy and colorless, cold, or inclined, dark. On the other hand, minimalist spaces can use various colors, from bright whites to deep whites, to create the perfect design. To get a better understanding of minimalist concepts, here are bedroom design ideas Singapore. 

Apply the Clean Lines

One of the key points of design interior a bedroom in a minimalist concept is simplicity. The furniture works best in a minimalist bedroom with clean lines, sleek, and without other details favored in the decorating styles. It will also help you choose the furniture in simple designs without trims and carvings in your bedroom

You can choose numerous pieces of furniture on the market, including online or offline stores – from platform beds to chests, tables, and seating. However, if you want an affordable item, choose the wholesaler or Master bedroom design HDB as the option. They will provide bedroom furniture that has elegant straight lines and an open, airy feel. 

Balance and Symmetry 

Pay attention to the scale of your bedroom furniture and the size of your room to accentuate the minimalism. Oversized furniture in a small space can feel constricted, while fine furnishings in a vast room can feel misplaced. Try arranging your furniture and décor with bedroom design ideas Singapore as symmetrically as possible to make an organized bedroom. 

Give the Small Touches 

Minimalist bedroom ideas indeed feature a clean and simple design. But you need to select artwork and patterns in your space. Choose the small touches as decoration with limited pallets and restrained lines. Avoid small busy prints, large floral prints. And complicated design. The minimalist bedroom relies on solid blocks of neutral colors to accomplish a calm feeling. 

Simple Wall Space

In a minimalist and small bedroom design Singapore, unembellished walls are reinvigorated to keep the look clean, efficient, and straightforward. It doesn’t mean that every wall in your bedroom has to be plain. You only need to hang an element of the number of pictures, photos, or artwork you would typically use in other decorating styles as bedroom design ideas Singapore.

Streamlined bed 

When choosing the minimalist furniture complement, opt for a sleek platform bed instead of an elaborate design. A simple platform frame on top with a solid color-neutral bed is one of the minimalist HDB master bedroom design. Use colors that are not too flashy but also not too simple. You can choose neutral color variations to decorate a modern concept bed.

The selection of a platform bed eliminates the need for bulky box springs. You will also find that platform beds often have a headrest or no headrest at all. In addition to the bed pillows, several other elements are sufficient to dress the bed and keep it balanced as well as proportional bedroom design ideas Singapore. Then, you will have the best appeal from your bedroom. 

Limited Palette

Minimalist decor is not just neutral, black, white, and gray. The key is to keep the palette simple or empty of bright colors, pastels, and other complex color combinations. Neutral colors are best suited for a minimalist look, along with hues like white, dark, and gloomy. However, the combination of these colors makes the bedroom still feel and look calm.


Keep a collection of rags and messy bed skirts in a minimalist bedroom. Although the minimalist Singapore bedroom design is not a sterile look, your bedroom should be neat and not overdone. The minimalist concept applies simple and clean lines to keep the atmosphere calm. That is why you need to organize your stuff and items in an orderly neat.

The application of bedroom design ideas Singapore must be neatly arranged. It will help you if you choose certain item sets in your bedroom. The bedroom design will be more beautiful and neater if only a few pieces of furniture are needed and a few works of art. It is this design that makes it a visually quiet place to relax yet still aesthetically pleasing overall.

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7 Minimalist Affordable Bedroom Design Ideas in Singapore
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