183A Rivervale Crescent

Designed for comfort, this minimalist styled home keeps simplicity and ease at the forefront. Not having any airs, the living room is kept spacious and accommodating. The colour scheme follows a lively vibrance, the neutral base colours lend for a perfect canvas for the different shades and hues to be used freely. With the natural wood grained finishes across the television panel and coffee table, the room remains down-to-earth in a hearty fashion. The mix between open and closed shelving not only gives the flexibility to design and render the home as you please, but the asymmetry in the console keeps the home from looking too uniform and constricting.

With a royal blue sofa, the centre of the room shifts almost naturally towards this lovely piece of furniture. The sudden dash of colour livens and brightens up the room in an unassuming fashion. Here, it allows the home to use such a natural palette with neutral colours, yet it is still able to avoid looking bland. With such a rich burst of colour, the sofa easily catches the attention of guests as they enter the home and creates a very easy-going atmosphere.

Another view of the living space, the sofa is clearly the centre of the room here, standing out from the rest of the furniture as it blends the naturally neutral wood to itself with its light teak feet. The dining space created here gives a comfortable mix of casual and comfort. With the mixed type of seating, the bench allows for greater flexibility while still holding a good sense of style to it. The pendant lighting makes for a generously lit table top, perfect for meals and time spent around the dining table. The asymmetry in the varying levels of the lights adds a playful delight to the overall ambiance of the dining space, while the variously positioned track lighting helps to illuminate the rest of the room in an even blanket of light.

The front of the home features a rather curious feature wall. With cut-outs and beams forming the wall, it is not a complete separation, but it does help control the flow of movement in the home. The cut-out portion of this wall houses some plants, a fun idea to use to keep some greenery alive in the home. The spaces between the beams in the feature wall allow for unobstructed visual lines from the door to the inside of the home, allowing the entrance to feel less claustrophobic as opposed to using a complete wall here. The shoe cabinet has also cleverly included a small cut out space for an open shelf. This indentation gives you a quick and easy space for those pocket fillers on the way out, whether its your earphones, keys, wallet or access cards, the little shelf here is great to hold these little nick knacks, making sure you have them as you exit your home.


Visually the bathroom is stunning, the dark tones here make the space seem a little more sophisticated and comfortable. With the dark granite mixed with wood grains, the bathroom stands out with more polish to it. The clever choice of lighting under the mirror helps to seal this impression as the room looks so refined and elegant with the classy orange/yellow lights. The borderless mirror stretches across the bathroom, giving better lighting to the dark themed room, and also seeming to expand the room. With the reflection off the mirror, the room does appear even larger than it actually is, a helpful trick for small bathrooms.

If you love having closet space, you’ll love what was done with this room. With 4 full closets worth of space, a full sized dresser and still enough space for a king sized bed, the master bedroom rounds up this entire home very comfortably.

The alternating styles on the doors of the closets give them a fun pop of colour and playfulness. The white and light oak finishes complement one another. The lighter style keeps the room more relaxed and even inspiriting. The last closet being an open hanging style makes it easy to keep outfits easily on-hand, whether its for wearing again, or if you’re trying on different outfits.


183A Rivervale Crescent
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