28A Dover Crescent

Proper lighting can easily be the thing that makes or breaks how good a home can look. With clear and well-placed lighting, the most flattering features and accents in a home can be highlighted and pop out. With a well designed modern contemporary styled home, making sure the lighting in the home was properly layered and positioned, the contemporary style benefits greatly with its focus on sleek designs and glossy finishes.


The living room expands into the dining space. With the row of large panelled windows, the natural sunlight is beaconed in. With beige marble floor tiles and bronze-like colouration of the curtains, the yellow tinge to the room complements the natural glow of sunlight as it enters the room. Choosing metallic features resembling brass, the style drips with contemporary glitz. The oversized mirror on the back of the dining space opens up the room even more. With the reflection of the room in the mirror, effect allows for even better lighting of the room from natural and artificial sources, the visual effect also brings greater depth to the room.

The entry way features a broad and spacious walking space from the door to the living space. With the open style concept complementing the soft ambient lighting from the recessed ceiling, the space maintains a polished and modern look. With the metallic feature wall and ambient piece, these pieces of contemporary art add a good taste of culture specific to contemporary living. With the varying sizes of mirrored pieces and chrome finish of each panel in the feature wall, the atmosphere stays cool and casual, a comfortable and approachable take of modern styles.

Featuring two different types of kitchen, its not often you run into homes with space for both a ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ kitchen, especially in HDB units. But by rearranging the space, the floor area of the home has been maximized, allowing the owners to include both a ‘wet’ and a ‘dry’ kitchen.

Out in the main part of the home, the dry kitchen makes space for easy food preparation and clean up. With brilliant cabinetry and lighting, even the exposed beam has been beautified and been made use of. While it’s true that too many lights can spoil the room with the increased glare, the design of this space balances the number of lights to the brightness of each light. With the continuous row of LEDs across the various spaces, every corner of each level and cabinetry shines bright and allows each space to stand out on its own.

The ‘wet’ kitchen makes use of the corner turn of the floor plan. Creating a separable area with good ventilation, the rest of the home can be kept clean, free of cooking odours and oils to make sure you can fry without any worries. The glazed subway tiling on the back wall takes 3 colours to inject a better sense of style and finish here as well.

With the veined grey quartz the bathroom presents itself with a contemporary modern style. Using the same style of quartz tiling across the entire bathroom, the space looks as if it had been carved out of a single stone. With sufficiently spaced lighting, the reflection and glare from the shiny surfaces avoids becoming overwhelming. Even with the unfortunate positioning of a supporting pillar, the design makes the most of the space available to create a perfectly designed pocket for a wash basin and mirror.

With a light teal shade to the walls, the first bedroom takes on an easy-going demeanour. With an interestingly recessed cupboard, the façade of the side wall remains flat and continuous, giving a more homogenous and harmonic appearance as there is no physical break in the wall. The sliding doors of the cupboards also helps to keep the room from feeling too small and confined space.

The master bedroom uses the same techniques to avoid looking too claustrophobic. With recessed shelves in the walls, the flat surface of this space keeps the room looking comfortable and sleek. The window at the corner of the room may have created some dead space for the cupboard, but with some sharp thinking, the triangular shelves allow for accent pieces to be included in the room, like small plants and other ambient decorations. The triangular shape also allows it to avoid taking up too much floor space, keeping the walking space clear and comfortable.

Another view of the master bedroom reveals a small workstation for two. The good positioning of this table allows for comfortable movement around the room as it does not block any of the paths within the room. A small cupboard flanking this table allows for a small extension of the table with shelves and storage space. The ubiquitous nature of this table allows the space to stay flexible, whether it’s a workstation, make up table or a little breakfast station, it’s a great addition to any room.

28A Dover Crescent
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