Why is Renovation So Expensive in Singapore?

If you live in Singapore, then you’re probably familiar with the prices of home renovation projects here. You may have experienced it yourself when you’ve needed to renovate your home. Is it because the building is old and dilapidated? Or perhaps, there are problems with the plumbing or electrical wiring. Or maybe the building was built in the wrong location? You may be tempted to think that the cost of renovation is determined by the type of work needed to get the property in shape. But before you decide on a course of action, make sure you understand the factors that contribute to the total cost of a renovation project.

Average Home Renovation Cost

Here is an estimation of the price for a 4-room HDB apartment in Singapore. We based our calculations on a 90 square meter house because that is the typical size of housing for Singaporeans.

Renovation TypeLight Renovation WorkModerate Renovation WorkExtensive Renovation Work
Hacking$400 – $2,000$2,000 – $3,600$3,600 – $19,000
Masony$600 – $5,400$5,400 – $15,400$15,400 – $59,600
Carpentry$700 – $14,000$14,400 – $22,600$22,600 – $84,300
Ceiling & Partition$200 – $1,400$1,400 – $2,300$2,300 – $8,300
Plumbing$200 – $600$600 – $1,300$1,300 – $5,600
Electrical$300 – $1,700$1,700 – $3,200$3,200 – $7,700
Painting$200 – $1,400$1,400 – $1,800$1,800 – $4,100
Cleaning & Polishing$300 – $1,100$1,100 – $1,700$1,700 – $13,900
Total Average$15,550$39,950$127,200
Surface MaterialCost per square meter
Marble$322 – $753
Vinyl$54 – $86
Laminate$64 – $86
Ceramic$32 – $129
Parquet$322 – $536

The expense of your payment and maintenance will increase as your home gets bigger. Additionally, don’t discount the tiny steps. 

With 1,000 square meters to cover, the $8–$12 price difference is significant. not to mention the price of transportation, installation, and shipping (especially if the materials are unusual). If you’re having difficulties deciding which material is best for your home, seek advice from an expert. The individuals you work with will also have a big impact on the outcome of your home makeover! Making the incorrect vendor choice could add unnecessary stress.

Home Renovation Costs in Singapore

From $20,000 for a very basic refurbishment of a 3-room apartment to more than $100,000 for a highly refurbished 5-room apartment. The average cost of repairs will be more if you’re renovation, a condo or landed property for a home.

Type of HDBAverage Cost for a New FlatAverage Cost for a Resale Flat
3-Room (60 to 65 sqm)$32,000$43,200
4-Room (90 sqm)$43,600$56,000
5-Room (110 sqm)$52,300$63,500

A larger home will cost more to renovate per square meter. A resale apartment is typically more expensive than a new one. Remember that your actual renovation costs may be much different from these averages. purely because of the potential impact on your estimates that fixtures, fittings, materials, and labor costs could have.

You can choose from a variety of general designs while renovation your HDB apartment or condo. We compared the prices of house renovation in Singapore for some of the most popular design and style options in this table.

StyleAverage Range
Contemporary$70,000 – $90,000
Scandinavian$65,000 – $90,000
Eclectic$65,000 – $80,000
Vintage$60,000 – $75,000
Minimalist$60,000 – $75,000
Modern$60,000 – $75,000
Transitional$55,000 – $85,000
Industrial$50,000 – $80,000
Traditional$40,000 – $75,000

How to Finance Your Home Renovation in Singapore

Why are renovations so expensive? Pent-up demand, overworked contractors, material shortages, and supply chain delays have all contributed to making home renovation an exceptionally expensive and time-consuming endeavor for consumers all over the world.

The majority of folks don’t have an extra $20,000 to $100,000 lying around to cover the cost of their renovation. If you fall into this category, you’ll undoubtedly need to take out a renovation loan to pay for your home improvements. 

It’s crucial to understand that a loan for renovations differs from a personal loan. You can benefit from substantially lower interest rates with the former. Therefore, you ought to refrain from getting a personal loan to pay for your makeover.

Choice of Interior Designer or Contractor

The cost you pay and the level of involvement you have in the project are trade-offs. Both vendors will manage the renovation, but there may be a big difference in the value-added services they provide. 

The cost of hiring an interior designer will increase by 20–30% because they handle every area of the renovation, from planning to work monitoring. By doing this, costly renovation errors may be avoided. Contractors will only complete the task as directed by you, saving you money.

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Why is Renovation So Expensive in Singapore?
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