Average Home Renovation in Singapore, How Much You Should Prepare?

For most Singaporeans, being a homeowner of an HDB BTO or landed property is very challenging when it comes to house makeover. Home renovation Singapore is very distinctive to other home renovations,  especially on the budgeting aspects. It is noteworthy to know the average amount of budget that we have to spend when we are going to give our living space a renewal.

Some people might be looking for interior home renovation contractors in Singapore. Others prefer to team up with interior designers instead. If you’re the one who is rather hiring an ID than contractors, then Exqsite is the best choice for your HDB renovation! We cater your interior needs as well as monitoring and inspecting the renovation process to give our clients pure satisfaction!

Before starting the renovation, you need to set your budgeting list. And before setting your budget, there are several things you have to know. Below, we have made a list for you to make your renovation go smoothly along with the average fund you have to prepare!

Organize Your Needs

Prioritizing your top renovation needs is the right initial step to make your budgeting stays consistent because there are factors that affect the cost of home renovation such as the size and status (new or resale) of your property, type and how advanced the level of the work  needed, the materials you want to use and which firm you want to work with.

Those factors might give you additional expense to your budget home renovation cost Singapore, so you might as well consider your priorities. Therefore, there will be no unexpected spendings on your budget planning.

Which Style Are You?

The style that you’re going to apply to your Singapore home renovation will affect your expense. Different styles have different fees. If you still don’t know which HDB interior style fits your personality, you can join a home renovation forum Singapore to find one. The easier way is to dive into the internet or specifically to a home renovation blog Singapore and start to search for home renovation ideas Singapore.

The styles and costs that an interior designer provides are varied. Here is a small guide of approximate each style cost from high to low price point. 

  • Contemporary, scandinavian, and eclectic style: $65,000 – $90,000
  • Minimalist, vintage, modern, and transitional: $55,000 – $85,000
  • Industrial and traditional: $40,000 – $80,000

Contractors or Interior Designers?

Hiring contractors can be a good idea for your renovation. However, the limited services that they provide sometimes persuade us to hire an interior designer instead. The various works required for renovating an HDB is making us decide which service that we have to use. All we have to do is hire the one that is appropriate to our renovation needs.

If you are in need of project management and interior conceptualizing, then an interior design firm is your solution. If you already know the ins and outs of your home renovation such as what you want, how much the work requires, and how you want it to be done, you can just hire contractors because they only focus on the construction. Additionally, contractors are cheaper than IDs, so you can save some bucks!

Consistent to Your Budget

It is important to monitor your expenses and spend as little as you can. By doing that, you will be able to stick to your budget. Minimizing your spendings can be done in many different ways and one of them is by trying to apply DIY home renovation Singapore. 

The approximate home renovation Singapore cost will contribute to providing the estimation of funds that you have to pay for. Here are the average costs of home renovation based on your HDB type that you should prepare.

  • 3-Room (60 to 65 sqm): $32,000 (new flat) – $43,200 (resale flat)
  • 4-Room (90 sqm): $43,600 (new flat) – $56,000 (resale flat)
  • 5-Room (110 sqm): $52,300 (new flat) – $63,500 (resale flat)

If the average costs are still overpriced for you, but you are very eager to start the renovation, home renovation loan Singapore is the answer. You can try to contact the loan agency and see their terms and conditions.

Exqsite For Your Interior Design Assistance

As you can see, there are a lot to consider before you do a renovation. With the help of interior designer such Exqsite, your renovation will go as planned since we provide creative and effective solutions to all problems. We always attain good feedback from our clients because of our achievements such as ACS registrars and bizSafe stars. Don’t hesitate to visit us at 8 Boon Lay Way Tradehub, Singapore, or contact us by e-mail or call!

Average Home Renovation in Singapore, How Much You Should Prepare?
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