Small kitchen Design Ideas For 4 Room BTO

Transforming your 4-room BTO kitchen into a functional and stylish space can be challenging, especially with limited square footage. However, with the right design ideas and strategies, you can maximize every inch of your kitchen while maintaining a modern and aesthetically pleasing look. In this blog post, we will explore some innovative small kitchen design ideas tailored for 4-room BTO flats in Singapore.

Imagine walking into your newly renovated kitchen where every corner is utilized efficiently, and there’s a perfect balance between functionality and style. No more dead zones or cluttered countertops – just a sleek, organized space where cooking becomes a joy. The secret to achieving this lies in smart layout planning and creative storage solutions, which can turn even the smallest kitchen into a culinary haven.

Many homeowners struggle with the common pitfalls of small kitchen design, such as inadequate storage, poor layout, and lack of counter space. These issues not only hinder your cooking experience but also make the kitchen feel cramped and unwelcoming. By addressing these pain points, we can transform your kitchen into a space that meets all your needs without sacrificing style or comfort.

At Exqsite Interior, we understand the unique challenges of designing small kitchens in 4-room BTO flats. Our comprehensive interior design and renovation services ensure that every detail is meticulously planned and executed, providing you with a kitchen that is both affordable and tailored to your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to add more storage, create an open-concept layout, or incorporate modern design elements, our team of experts will work with you to bring your vision to life.

So, if you’re ready to transform your 4-room BTO kitchen into a space that’s both functional and beautiful, read on for some inspiring design ideas that will make the most of your available space.

How big is a 4-room BTO?

According to the property experts at BTO renovation, there are a number of different types of homes available for purchase in Singapore. The most popular type is probably 4 room flats which make it easy and comfortable living for families with children or those who live with their parents. 4 room flats had plenty of room in these units so even if you need more space, one bedroom can easily be turned into an office or study area perfect for professionals like myself (I always use my home as a workstation).

The last time I was looking on sites such as 99acres while browsing through properties listings near me I found some really amazing deals that made this seem feasible given how much potential they have!

A 4-room flat comes with:

  • 3 bedrooms, including 1 master bedroom with attached bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Living/dining area
  • Common bathroom
  • Service yard
  • Storeroom/bomb shelter

Does BTO come with kitchen cabinets?

If you’re considering the Optional Component Scheme, before making your decision, there are some things to keep in mind. All BTO flats come with flooring in service yards and household shelters (remember these for when it rains!), as well as wall tiles in bathrooms and kitchens – but all rooms have no doors so that’s something else to consider too! You will also find a water closet suite on the first bathroom visit: this is where both sinks go into one room which means if more than one person needs access at once they should plan accordingly.No, 4-room BTOs don’t come with kitchen cabinets.

How much does it cost to renovate a kitchen in Singapore?

The small, dark kitchen is very different from the spacious kitchens you grew up with and enjoy cooking in. You would like to redo it so that it has all of your favorite features – space-saving cabinets, good lighting for better visibility while working on creative recipes, tile backsplash or other materials that give a clean look without compromising durability.

Moderate hacking: $500 – $900

You’ll have to account for new installations, yet you needn’t bother with the dividers or floors totally hacked away. Hope to pay this a lot to destroy the current cupboards, entryways, windows, or cooker hob.

Moderate masonry: $1,300 – $3,900

Moderate brick work is needed for standard development of apparatus and cabinetry bases, and post-hacking final details.

Extensive carpentry: $6,900 – $17,900

Because you want all your kitchen cabinets completely redone and with customised storage, you’ll need extensive carpentry done. Prices will vary depending on the area size and materials you choose. 

Moderate plumbing: $200 – $500 

This includes remodeling 2-3 water apparatuses like your kitchen sink, taps, channeling, radiator stockpiling, and water filtration frameworks.

List small kitchen design in Singapore for 4 Room BTO

Open-concept Kitchen

The open-concept  HDB kitchen design is popular among Singaporeans. More than 7 out of 10 homeowners opted for this concept when HDB carried out a trial run in 2012, and the government recently announced that they’ll be extending these kitchens to BTO projects which means we can expect more homes with such layouts soon!

Having an open kitchen provides lots of benefits – it allows you to keep your kids close while cooking or having friends over as well as being able to enjoy natural light without blocking views with walls like traditional living rooms have often done. Cooking grease and smells may escape at times but are not too much trouble if cleaned regularly enough; also, most people will probably find their house smelling better since odours won’t linger inside confined spaces.

Single Wall Kitchen

The single wall kitchen is the space-saving solution to a tight living situation. It’s perfect for those with limited square footage or who want an efficient and accessible layout that doesn’t waste time on unnecessary movement between work zones. Single wall HDB kitchen designs are also very popular among Singaporeans. These kitchens come with a single side of cabinets, typically to the right just inside the kitchen entrance.

It’s not that difficult to make a single wall kitchen look good either – if you know how, it can be as easy as painting the wall black and installing a matching tiled backsplash.

Kitchen Island

Your kitchen island is one of the most important design elements in your home. It’s not only beautiful, but it also doubles as a storage unit and space for meal preparation! However if you live in Singapore like me (an apartment dweller), then there are some challenges to installing an island since we lack ample space. But don’t worry–it’s still possible with these creative solutions!

A kitchen island can be aesthetically pleasing while doubling as both a functional storage area and place for preparing food due its use of countertop surfaces that allow unrestricted movement around them without having any obstruction or obstacles throughout their entire perimeter; they’re great pieces of furniture to have because they give more organization on top than drawers do which means less time.


Minimalism is a popular design trend in Singapore, and it’s no different when it comes to kitchen design. A minimalist kitchen design focuses on clean lines, simple colors, and uncluttered spaces. This design style emphasizes functionality and comfort, making it an ideal choice for those who want a practical and stylish kitchen.

Japandi Design

Japandi design is a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design, characterized by its emphasis on natural materials, clean lines, and a neutral color palette. This design style has gained popularity in Singapore, with interior design firms incorporating Japandi elements into their kitchen designs. By harnessing the important elements of Japanese and Scandinavian design, Japandi design creates aesthetically pleasing and highly functional spaces.

Galley Kitchen

Galley kitchens are a standard of HDBs; they’re distinguished by their narrow layout and parallel kitchen tops. Such kitchens provide the perfect solution for people with limited space as these layouts can be compact, practical, flexible in design options depending on your needs.

In case you’re thinking about a cookroom format, here are things to observe:

  • Abandon the upper cabinets

When designing a galley kitchen, the aim is to make it feel as spacious as possible. You can do so by reducing the number of tall cabinets used. Alternatively, you can also keep your storage to one side instead of having them on both sides.

  • Keep things off the countertop

Maximise space by having as many built-in items as you possibly can. For instance, a built-in oven is preferred over placing the appliance on the counter.

  • Use a combination of light and dark colours

Stick to a darker, heavier colour for the base cabinets and paint the upper cabinets in a lighter shade. This helps to lessen the feeling that you are stuck in a hallway.

What are The Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer for Your Kitchen?

Hiring an interior designer for your kitchen in Singapore offers a multitude of advantages, transforming your space into a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment. Here are some key benefits:

Expertise and Training

Interior designers bring specialized knowledge in kitchen design, encompassing layout, cabinetry, storage solutions, and overall functionality. Their training enables them to create spaces that not only look beautiful but also meet your specific needs and preferences.

Avoid Costly Mistakes and Save Money

Designers can help you avoid expensive errors by selecting the best materials and products for your kitchen. Their network of home improvement vendors ensures you get the best value for your investment, ultimately saving you money in the long run.

Customized Design

A professional interior designer will tailor your kitchen to fit your home perfectly, ensuring a unique and custom-designed space that aligns with your specific needs and tastes. This personalized approach guarantees a kitchen that is both functional and visually appealing.

Access to Exclusive Products

Interior designers have access to trade-only furniture, fabrics, and accessories. This allows them to incorporate exclusive, high-quality items into your kitchen design, elevating the overall look and feel of your space.

Professional Assessment and Planning

Interior designers provide a comprehensive plan of action for your kitchen, considering all aspects of the design process. Their trained eyes can identify details you might overlook, ensuring a seamless and well-executed project from start to finish.

Stress-Free Experience

Working with an interior designer alleviates much of the stress associated with home renovations. Their expertise in creating beautiful, functional spaces and managing the design process ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for you.

Why Choose Exqsite Interior for Your Small Kitchen Design?

At Exqsite Interior, we understand the unique challenges of designing small kitchens in Singapore. Our professional interior design services offer the best value for your investment, combining creativity and visual aesthetics with practical functionality. We provide efficient budget planning and aim to create stunningly styled homes that reflect our clients’ individual tastes and needs.

Visit our workshop at 8 Boon Lay Way Tradehub or call us for further information on how we can transform your kitchen into a magnificent space. With Exqsite Interior, you can enjoy a stress-free, expertly designed kitchen that meets all your requirements.

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Small kitchen Design Ideas For 4 Room BTO
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