What To Look Out For When Buying A HDB 5 Room Point Block

For young couples thinking about buying their first home, is a tough choices. The typical Singaporean norm of applying for a 5 room design ideas and temporarily living together with parents or in-laws may no longer work as well.

Thinking of 5 room design ideas, but not sure what to look out for? Here are the tips to consider when looking at potential or cheapest home design for 5 room point block – location, lease and layout.

What is point block HDB?

The HDB technically introduced point blocks in 1969,with the pioneer batch built in Meiling Estate in Queenstown (Block 160-161).However,they resemble more like zig-zag blocks,with a mixture of 167  3-room ,57 4-room improved and 2 units of 5-room standard.The point blocks that we are more familiar with (4 units per floor,20/25 stories) only came about a few years later,circa 1972.

At first,these blocks had 84sqm 4-room improved units,of which 30 units were built until 1974.They can be distiguished from the later 5-room variants by containing two tiny square windows on the left and right sides,with a gap between units,where the drying area can be seen.

The last and most popular variant,with 120sqm 5-room standard/improved ,was introduced in 1974,and built until 1987.

How much does a 5-room HDB cost?

Because HDB properties are subsidized by the government, they are the most affordable type of housing available. The average cost of an HDB property listing is S$532,768 or S$507 per square foot. However, if you are looking to upgrade to a larger HDB flat like a 5-room or executive flat, then you can expect to pay 20-44% more.

HDB 5 room renovation also vary by the neighborhood. The cheapest HDB 5 room renovation were in Jurong West, Sembawang, and Woodlands, with Jurong West offering the cheapest rates across the largest range of HDB flats. Jurong West had the cheapest resale flats for 5-room and Executive HDB flats, while Sembawang had the cheapest 5-room flats and Woodlands had the cheapest 4-room flats.

How much does a 5-room flat cost?

Since last year, condo and HDB flat buyers have shown a shift in preference for larger and more spacious homes. As Singaporeans continue their search for the perfect home, home design for 5 room prices continue to rise as individuals continue to snap up the dwindling, limited pool of home design for 5 room and larger HDB flats on the market.

Now, even far-flung neighbourhoods like Woodlands and Pasir Ris can now boast of million-dollar resale flats. So far, 163 million-dollar HDB flats have been transacted in the first half of the year. If this momentum keeps up, we’re looking at another record-breaking year for million-dollar flats, with over 300 of such flats being sold in 2022.

Luckily, it is still possible to find relatively affordable 5-room resale flats if you know where to look. Here are some affordable 5-room resale flats currently on sale on PropertyGuru for under $500,000.

All the HDB resale flats listed were available at the time of writing. If the listing is no longer available, it is likely that the ad may have been taken down and the property sold.

How many HDB blocks are there?

As about 10,000 residential blocks are under HDB’s management, we play a key role  in supporting Singapore’s commitment to sustainable development.

Singapore brand of public housing created the Sustainable Development (SD) Framework to steer the development of our towns. This is a comprehensive framework that covers social, economic and environmental considerations, and is aligned with the national sustainability objectives in the Sustainable Singapore Blueprint (SSB). Punggol Eco-Town was the first HDB town developed under the SD Framework.

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What To Look Out For When Buying A HDB 5 Room Point Block
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