Is 3-Room BTO Big Enough? Tips On How To Maximize Your Home

Whether you’re looking to downsize or expand your home, you’ll want to consider the benefits of a 3-room BTO (build to order).

The reason? With the cost of land and home improvements continuing to rise, more and more homeowners are opting to downsize. Not only does this make it easier to downsize, it can also make it easier to sell your home and buy a new one.

What Is A 3-Room BTO?

A 3-room BTO is a house that’s built from the ground up. It’s a house that’s custom-built for you, with everything from the size of your rooms to the appliances and fixtures you want included. And the best part? With a 3-room BTO, you’ll get a new house that you can customize to fit your needs and wants. It’s also a great way to get a house that’s more affordable than a custom-built home. 

But is a 3-room BTO house big enough for you? To illustrate how a 3-room BTO house can be big enough, we’ve put together 10 tips on how to maximize your home:

1. Pick the Right Layout

The first step is to decide on a layout. You’ll want to pick a layout that’s convenient for your family. This could be a layout with a master bedroom and a guest bedroom, or a layout with a master bedroom, a living room, and a kitchen.

The size of the master bedroom is important too. You’ll want to make sure that it’s big enough for you to be comfortable. You’ll also want to make sure that it’s big enough for your kids to have their own space. 

2. Choose the Right Fixtures

Fixtures are the finishing touch for a new home. They can make or break a design, and lift your living space to new heights. The problem is that most people choose fixtures so poorly that they end up looking at an all-white bathroom with a sink and toilet they don’t like. Homes with condominium-like fixtures will be more expensive. But, you’re paying for a quality place that should last you for many years to come.

Before you pick the fixture, you need to know why you are picking them. Are you picking them to match the colour of your walls? Or are you picking them because they make the room look beautiful? If you have no idea why you are choosing a certain fixture, then you shouldn’t be picking it. The reason why I say this is because the tiles that you pick should compliment the room, not clash with it.

If you are choosing tiles to match your walls, then make sure that they have a similar shade of colour to them. If you want to make your bathroom look bigger, then choose light coloured tiles as they will reflect more light than dark ones. This will make the room look brighter and larger than it actually is.

3. Choose the Right Furniture

You need furniture to be comfortable, attractive, and functional. It should serve its purpose and make your home more livable. You may not be able to change the location of your furniture, but you can make it more comfortable and convenient. In the end, you may be able to get more use out of it.

The type of furniture you choose should be the most comfortable and suitable for your lifestyle. The type of furniture you choose will depend on the amount of space you have, the number of people who live in your home, the number of activities you do, and your preferences.

Choose the right size of appliances. You’ll want to make sure that you have the right appliances for your lifestyle. If you’re going to be cooking for a large family, you’ll want to make sure that you have a big kitchen.

4. Know Your Floor Area to maximize 3-Room house

One of the most important things to do before buying a home is to know the square footage of your house. The most accurate measurement is the actual size of your home, which is usually taken by a professional surveyor. However, if you don’t have a surveyor, you can measure the floor area yourself.

Measure your home by laying a tape measure down the center of the home. This will give you the width of your home, which is usually about 12 feet. Measure the length of the home by counting the number of walls in your home. You’ll also want to know how much space you have to maximize your 3-Room house. You can get this information from the listing agent. They’ll tell you the size of the home and the size of the rooms.

5. Do Your Homework

Once you know the square footage of your home, it’s time to do some homework. You’ll want to know how much space you’ll need to have since it is only a 3-room house. For example, do you need a dining room? If you don’t, you can eliminate a room. You’ll also want to make sure that you know what kind of space you’ll need. For example, do you need a space for your bed? Or, do you need a space for your home office? You can adjust which needs more space based on your preferences.

6. Don’t overlook the backyard

One of the best ways to maximize your home is to make the most of the backyard. But when you’re downsizing, it’s easy to overlook the backyard. Instead of focusing on the backyard, focus on making the backyard bigger. If you have a smaller backyard, consider building a garden shed, installing a pool, or adding some decking.

The garden shed, pool, or decking will make the backyard more functional and more useful. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy the backyard more and spend more time there.

7. Use the space around the kitchen

This is the room where we spend the most time in the house, and this is the room where we spend the most time with our families. If you’re lucky enough to have a bigger kitchen, make sure you use the space.The space above the kitchen can be used to store a number of things. You can even use a few cabinets to store extra food or a drinks fridge. Also, you can make the kitchen area your dining room as well.

Need more help? Exqsite can do it for you

It is a very long and tedious process for home buyers to decide on the best layout of their property. Finding the perfect home is stressful enough, but if you want to build from scratch, it can also be challenging and costly.

Exqsite can help to design and plan your dream home in Singapore. A 3-room BTO house can be felt big enough in our hands. With years of experience, we have a proven track record of creating beautiful homes and helping our customers maximize their space. 

Is 3-Room BTO Big Enough? Tips On How To Maximize Your Home
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