How Much Should You Spend Decorating Your House?

You’ve heard this one before, but you may not be getting the message. If you’re ready to invest in home improvements, you need to figure out how much you’ll need. Decide whether to build or renovate your home, and what level of investment you’re willing to make. Once you know that information, you can start planning how to finance your project.

The average spend for the furniture items

When furnishing their home, almost everyone tends to go over their budget; therefore, we developed a budget breakdown that takes this reality into consideration by allowing for some wiggle room. You’ll see that we’ve created two budgets, one that represents the more expensive end of a thorough interior design project and the other that contains a somewhat more scaled-back project with pricing that would still be deemed upscale for each type of room (and what it costs to decorate it). The budget per line item undoubtedly varies, and on average, our clients spend somewhere in the middle.

Big box stores do not carry our product or our caliber of design services, and we are proud of the uniqueness of our brand. The costs in this article are based on our clients’ budgets and our vast interior design and product manufacturing experience. As a result, our budget breakdown includes the price ranges that, in our opinion, will offer you stylish, durable furniture. 

Any good designer will work within your budget, though, and we’ll even go over which products from our collection we think you should invest in and which ones you can obtain for a little less later on. If you follow these recommendations, the cost of decorating will seem quite doable.

The average spend for the living room

The living room often has the most furniture and is the largest room in the house. How much does it cost to furnish and decorate a living room? Depending on the size of your room, your budget will change. Simply said, the budget increases with the size of the living room. We advise you to spend money on a sofa and rug initially. We always advise custom sofas that are precisely scaled to your space and have a fill that is comfortable for you since getting these pieces correct is as important to getting the scale of your room right as your color scheme is. 

A specially proportioned rug grounds a space by making everything else in it appear organized. A high-end rug gives the entire space a premium sense as opposed to an expensive accent piece, which may be lovely but has little bearing on the room’s overall design. Reduce your use of accent pieces, dcor, and window treatments if you want to save money. Prepare to remodel the living room? For a breakdown of our spending, keep reading.

For a High-End ProjectFor a Standard Project
Living Room ItemQuantityTotal CostLiving Room ItemQuantityTotal Cost
Living Room Chair2$6,000Living Room Chair2$4,000
Coffee Table1$3,000Coffee Table1$1,000
Side/End Tables2$4,000Side/End Tables2$1,000
Table Lamps2$2,000Table Lamps2$700
Floor Lamp1$1,500Chandelier1$2,500
Pillows6$3,000Throw Blanket1$250
Throw Blanket2$1,000Mirror/ArtWill Vary$1,000
Console1$2,000AccessoriesWill Vary$500
Mirror/ArtWill Vary$6,000Approx. Total Cost$17,450
AccessoriesWill Vary$3,000
Approx. Total Cost$49,500

The average spend for the dining room

Spending on the dining room should mostly go toward the table and chairs. That shouldn’t come as a surprise. But we make an effort to incorporate a statement rug or chandelier into our designs as well, since these elements will really make your space stand out. 

Once more, the cost will depend on the size of your room, the size of your table, and the number of guests you plan to have at your table. Our financial analysis is based on a typical six-person dining room table. Not sure of the table size you require? By reading our article on how to design a dining room that is appropriately scaled, you may choose the dining table size that is ideal for you.

For a High-End ProjectFor a Standard Project
Dining Room ItemQuantityTotal CostDining Room ItemQuantityTotal Cost
Dining Chair6$12,000Dining Chair6$3,600
Rug1$8,000Mirror/ArtWill Vary$2,000
Mirror/ArtWill Vary$5,000AccessoriesWill Vary$500
AccessoriesWill Vary$2,000Approx. Total Cost$15,600
Approx. Total Cost$43,000

The average spend for the bedroom

Spend money on the bed for the bedroom. It’s straightforward, but we mean it. A timeless, high-quality bed instantly improves the appearance of a room and is an investment that will essentially last a lifetime! A bench (or other sort of seating) for getting ready and putting on your shoes in the morning is another item that is sometimes overlooked when listing bedroom furnishings. 

Choose less expensive nightstands and bedside lamps for your main bedroom if you want to save money because you can modify and refresh those items over time. Do you need another budgeting tool? Even though we advise buying the best bedding your budget will allow, big box stores frequently include affordable bedding selections.

For a High-End ProjectFor a Standard Project
Bedroom ItemQuantityTotal CostBedroom ItemQuantityTotal Cost
Bedding & PillowsWill Vary$2,000Bedding and PillowsWill Vary$800
Nightstands2$4,000Table Lamps2$700
Table Lamps2$2,000MirrorWill Vary$1,000
Mirror/ArtWill Vary$5,000AccessoriesWill Vary$500
AccessoriesWill Vary$1,500Approx. Total Cost$15,000
Approx. Total Cost$41,500

Where to save your decorating spend

Things that you don’t interact with every day are at the other extreme of the spectrum. These include furniture pieces including coffee tables, TV consoles, and side tables. With these items, you may surely economize because the quality doesn’t need to be as great if it won’t be handled frequently or experience continuous wear and tear. 

The largest storage space is for accessories. You can mostly find home decor online. It simply doesn’t make sense for you to spend hundreds of dollars on a vase because you like to switch things up so regularly. Decor is unquestionably one area where you can truly cut costs.

  • Accessories and  Decor
  • Entryway Consoles
  • Side Tables
  • Coffee Tables
  • TV Consoles
  • Headboards
  • Guest Room Nightstand

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How Much Should You Spend Decorating Your House?
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