How Long Does it Take to Renovate HDB Kitchen?

The kitchen renovation can be a great way to spruce up the look and feel of your home. But when it comes to planning for your own kitchen renovation, you need to be realistic about what you can do yourself. You may be tempted to put off the kitchen renovation until you get a bigger house or a new job but these days, it’s actually possible to do the entire kitchen renovation yourself, no matter what the size of your current kitchen is. Here’s a breakdown of how long a typical Singapore kitchen renovation project takes:

Design the perfect HDB kitchen

Our assumption is that your Pinterest board is already brimming with fantastic suggestions and color schemes for your home. Here’s how, though, whether you’re a bit late to the party or are unsure of where to begin. Choose the type of kitchen that will fit your home the best first:

Whatever option you select, a kitchen work triangle is necessary. The sink, stove, and refrigerator are arranged in the triangle in the most practical way. The amount of steps required to perform a task will be lowered through adherence. Therefore, give great consideration to the placement of your work surfaces, microwave, water dispenser, coffee maker, dish drying rack, and other equipment.

Cost of kitchen renovation in Singapore

After deciding to renovate, you must take the cost into account. Here is a rough price range guide. Why do condo kitchen improvements cost more than 3 room HDB kitchen renovation cost, you ask? simply because there are different building codes. All condominiums need to include walkway and lift protection, unlike HDB renovations. Additional communication with the building management implies the interior designer will have to work harder, which will increase prices.

Average kitchen renovation price

  • 4 to 5 room HDB Kitchen min. $20 000
  • 2 to 3 room HDB Kitchen $10 000 – 15 000
  • Condominium Kitchen approx. $25 000

Estimated renovation costs for the kitchen of HDB apartments. Despite the fact that the kitchen takes up a significant portion of the apartment, renovation costs can really be rather modest in the kitchen.

Renovation componentLightModerateExtensive
Hacking$100 to $400$400 to $900$900 to $3,100
Masonry$100 to $1,300$1,300 to $3,800$3,800 to $11,200
Carpentry$100 to $4,200$4,200 to $6,800$6,800 to $17,800
Plumbing$100 to $200$200 to $400$400 to $1,700

We’ve talked about how the amount of carpentry, masonry, and hacking required for a renovation project can drive up the 3 room HDB kitchen renovation cost. Your choice of finishes and materials for your walls, floors, and other surfaces, such as kitchen counters, is a further significant consideration. 

Plastering, skim coating, painting, and tiling are some of the floor and wall finishing options. Waterproofing is also required in moist places like the kitchen and bathroom.

Your choice of wall and floor tiles can cause renovation expenses to soar, so they must be taken into account independently in your budget. Here is a price range for popular flooring materials:

Flooring materialCost
Vinyl$3 to $8 psf
Laminate$2 to $8 psf 
Ceramic tiles$3 to $35 psf (including labour)
Cement screed (polished)$15 to $30 psf
Hardwood (e.g. parquet)$8 to $100+ psf 
Marble$10 to $100+ psf

cost of the kitchen cabinet material 

Countertop materialCost
Laminate$8 to $20 per foot run
Solid surface$55 to $175 per foot run
Wood $20 to $150 per foot run
Ceramic tiles$30 to $80 per foot run
Granite$55 to $175 per foot run
Stainless steel$80 to $125 per foot run
Engineered quartz$90 to $105 per foot run

How long a HDB kitchen renovation

A HDB kitchen must be renovated in 4-6 weeks. Moving out is not necessary during this time. Even though you can still live in your house, be ready for potential water and gas access disruptions. Prepare yourself for a ton of noise and dust, of course. 

However, if you’re going to renovate both your kitchen and bathrooms at the same time, allow 6 to 8 weeks for the complete procedure. You will need to relocate because daily chores will be completely disrupted during this process. 

Do you still have concerns about remodeling a HDB kitchen? Submit a comment! We’d be delighted to respond.

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How Long Does it Take to Renovate HDB Kitchen?
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