Everything You Need to Know About Home Styling in Singapore

It’s time to contact an interior design and styling if your notion of an ideal house is anything from a magazine, movie, or your Pinterest inspiration boards. When it comes to styling your interiors, just think of home styling service as your home décor heroes. Here’s the lowdown free interior design Singapore, what it is, and how it can change your surroundings, from space planning to the finishing touches.

How does home styling work?

Home styling is similar to sprucing up your area, much like fashion styling. A room should feel more comfortable to be in thanks to good interior design and styling, which also conveys something about you and your preferences.

Choosing furniture, coordinating colors and textures for each area, locating lighting and storage options, and, of course, assisting you in selecting focal points and statement items for your space are all examples of what this might entail.

Challenges with home styling in Singapore

Finding a balance between making a place practical for daily use and attempting to attain the picture-perfect image of their dream house is a significant challenge that many individuals confront when trying to arrange their interiors.

Singaporeans cited storage and lighting as their top 3 styling-related concerns in a recent poll conducted in 2018. Because we only have a small amount of area to deal with in our HDBs, many Singaporeans may find it particularly challenging to solve this.

Free interior design Singapore

Many people will be astonished to learn that with a home styling service assistance, any problems or concerns they have about realizing their ideal homes may be solved quickly and, of course, tastefully!

Small apartments can appear and feel much larger than they actually are with the help of competent home styling service. You’ll be able to create a theme, put together complementary color schemes, and construct specific solutions designed to make the most of your particular area at the same time.

Your environment’s entire design and aesthetic should work together to improve everyone’s experience. For instance, homes are designed to be cozier and more comfortable so you can unwind after a long day, while an office’s interior design may be more formal and formalistic.

Interior Design Trends in Singapore

Free interior design singapore, the two most popular interior design trends in Singapore at the moment are Scandinavian and minimalist, which makes sense given that space and lighting are Singaporeans’ two main concerns. A Minimalist interior style is mainly achieved by keeping to furnishings that are strictly functional while playing with shapes that are sleek and geometrical. In most cases, interior styles that employ a minimalist design keep to not more than two primary colours to tie the whole look together.

Scandinavian interior styling, on the other hand, is kind of an updated take on minimalism. It carries a lot of the same design principles such as using sleek shapes, soft and neutral hues while keeping things simple and functional.

The main difference between the two styles is the Scandanavian’s cosy accents that are often brought out by injecting contrasting textures into a room. This could be done by placing a soft rug against a sleek leather chair, or by pairing warm woody tones against a crisp white wall.

If simple and sleek isn’t your thing though, interior styles that have a vintage vibe, or an ethnic accent allow you to play with more colours and textures which will add a distinct flair to your interiors. This is especially great for making an impact, and leaving your visitors with a lasting memory of your home because it’ll be distinctly you!

Interior Styling Singapore

Styling your dream home can be an absolute breeze if you get the right help. So instead of busting your brain, you can contact Exqsite interior design and styling team to help you bring your interior goals to life!

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Everything You Need to Know About Home Styling in Singapore
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