I would like to share and compliment one of your staff, Jacob Lim.

During the initial stage of engaging a designer for our home, we have spoken to 15 design firms which include some of the popular design houses at the East area.
We shortlisted 5 of them. ExQsite Interior Design Pte Ltd was not in the list. However, after much analysis and consideration, we found that Mr Jacob’s advice and proposal was quite practical and cost saving.
Thus, we called for a 2nd round of cost evaluation and cost saving proposal. The quotation given was not the cheapest among the few companies, but we’ve decided to engage him based to his honesty towards the questions we asked, the concerns we have and his reponses were prompt too.
Following ratings for your reference.
Our biggest challenge are
1) time line – rated 5/5 star
one month to complete all reno (includes intensive hacking work which required HDB’s approval)
– he achieved our time line, we successfully moved in. Some touch-up needed but his after-sales service was prompt & efficient.
2) price – rated 4/5 star
His advice and proposal was quite practical for a cost saving full house renovation.
3) quality – rated 5/5 star.
Impressive and amazed by the quality of work – items are of great quality and fine worksmanshp. Jacob maintains a good standard towards the job requirements and he demanded for redo as he discovered some errors along the way. (thumbs up for you 👍).
4) responsiveness – rated 5/5
Efficient, alert to details and professional attitude
5) work progress – rated 4.5/5
work schedule quite promptly done and constantly updated the situation thus we do not have to worry.
Overall, we are glad we’ve made the right choice. Well-trusted and honest.

Reason for not selecting others.

1) too many sweet talkers

2) you may wanna test them by giving some impossible tasks and see how they respond. If everything CAN, it means you will definitely face many CANNOTs at the end.

3) price is important, but beware of low cost quotes too. U will need to compromise with quality.

4) some designers will only respond to you when they wanna get sales.

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