April 14, 2021

Aaron Goh was my ID. He is quite prompt in replying our messages and his contractors carpentry skill are superb.

We had done finished our reno on National day 2019 and started at end of June.

We are actually quite easy going and let him decide the carpentry measurement and distance for us as we were clueless about it.

The carpentry work at our house is exactly the same as their showroom.

He is the one who decided the matching colour of floor tiles and wall for us as we need to have green kitchen. Most guest said our kitchen is v special

He is one of the ID that doesn’t mind playing with colours maybe because we are of the same generation.


April 14, 2021

Darren and Dylon was great to collaborate with. They really took the time to understand our style and helped us to articulate what we wanted in our brand new home. We were very excited when he showed us our 3D drawings.

He was patient with our requests and provided us with professional advice when needed. The process was smooth and relatively fast and the team’s attention to detail was phenomenal. We appreciated the updates when things were done and the after sales support we got after everything was done was also something we liked. Darren and Dylon went out of their way to help make transitioning into the new home as stress-free as possible. I’ll definitely recommend him and his team to anyone looking to renovate their homes.


April 14, 2021

Jaden Lim Senior Design Consultant from ExQsite Interior Design was the first ID whom we spoke with (Sep-2019) before meeting more than 6 other ID contacts.

As we wished to be fair to Jaden, me and my husband were very transparent to him that he needs to give us time and space to meet other IDs for the purpose of design ideas, suggestions, do-abilities and quotations. During the interim, Jaden maintained short text messages to be sure that I am aware of his interest to reno my home.

Having met quite many IDs, I would like to commend Jaden being the only ID who could literally drew out a design with pencil and ruler clearly transferring our initial ideas on a piece of paper beautifully on the spot at the first meet-up (and I would like to highlight that he drew and not ‘sketched’), unlike other IDs whom delivered vague sketches with big and small boxes or marking ‘XYZ’ representing bed, table, tv, kitchen etc.

Jaden’s perseverance and strong sense of design have no doubt gave us an assurance of his professionalism.

Jaden showed great enthusiasm in the work he undertook. Like any relationships, communication is of dire importance. Jaden was always prompt in his reply through our WhatsApp and provided solutions to our requirements at all phases especially so as we have super-tight deadline for him to work towards our move-in two weeks before Lunar New Year (24-Jan-2020).

I would say Jaden has been reliable and renovation works were completed right on schedule without compromising on work quality.

On the whole, price we paid was satisfactory given the amount of carpentry works and the workmanship produced. Importantly we were happy with Jaden’s service and pleasant experience with ExQsite (for some savings ~S$1k on bathroom accessories and lightings too).

Last but not least, we would like to thank Renopedia for providing the online home interior design and renovation platform and matching Jaden and his awesome carpentry team to work on my dream home when we were looking for an ID. Cheers .


April 14, 2021

I would like to express my utmost gratitude to Darren for his excellent service in designing and managing the extensive overhaul of the renovation of my resale flat. Darren’s professionalism, creativity and passion won me over among the few IDs whom I had met up. I was impressed by how distinctive and well-designed his proposals are and his ability to unite my requirements into his designs for my luxury theme. His clever and efficient use of space incorporated into the carpentry for storage ideas and neat plan layout are remarkable. His combination of materials and colours raised the luxury scale without being gaudy, resulting in a classy, calming and alluring sense.

I’m extremely pleased with Darren’s communication throughout the process. As with a good ID, he listens and understands customer’s requirements, is receptive to suggestions and prompts in creativity and succeeding the balance of aesthetics and functionality in designs. Darren is very also patient and meticulous, walking through each change as well as providing price comparison for different materials and revisions. His quotation is transparent, honest and quick in accommodating whenever additional and unique requests were made. Darren also frequently advises on the feasibility and construction recommendations of my floor plan and house design. He is responsive to queries, assuring and follows up on any touch-up work promptly even after the handover. I truly appreciate his wholehearted commitment to delivering my beautiful house on time despite given a tight schedule of 7 weeks without compromising workmanship. The quality of work is of a high standard in every aspect.

I am very satisfied that the whole renovation journey is smooth and worry-free under the supervision of an experienced and reliable ID. I love the final outcome of the renovation especially the tiling and carpentry work are all beautifully done. The house design is true to the 3D drawings and I receive many compliments for my new house. It’s been a wonderful delight to work with Darren and I greatly recommend him for anyone looking for ID service.


April 14, 2021

Big thanks to Sebastian for the awesome work done! It was a great pleasure to have him as our ID and to work with him for the past few weeks. He was very detailed, patient and showed professionalism throughout the whole process!


April 14, 2021

Working with Danny is a pleasure. Fuss-free service and quick response was a delight especially for people like me who have busy schedule day-to-day. Our home was created perfectly as he understood our needs and wants clearly. I would like to highlight that the high level of integrity in their promise and work standards is a big plus to working with ExQsite which ensures owners like me that our money is well placed.

The quality of work and assurance provided by ExQsite is highly satisfactory. I would definitely recommend to our family and friends.

Once again, a BIG thank you for having and assigning such a wonderful representative as our ID throughout our renovation journey. It has been a great experience working with your team.

I have seen a myriad of complaints of renovation experience with other contractors and IDs by my neighbors and nothing of these complaints can be applied to Danny or ExQsite.


April 14, 2021

We were introduced to Danny Kok through a good friend of ours. At that point in time, we were already in the midst of comparing four other ID firms for our new home. ExQsite came by as the 5th. Frankly, being the last one to quote, we have never expected to have chosen ExQsite over the other four. In the end, their competitive pricing and Danny’s professionalism won us over. We decided to give it a try, and I must say, we are very glad that we had done so.

Danny has been very open to our suggestions since day 1. He never said no to our request, and he tries his very best to accommodate our requirements. And if he thinks that our ideas will not work out in the most optimal manner, he will patiently explain to us his rationale to achieve a win-win. Unlike some IDs who are only interested to push through their design ideas to the home owners, Danny will try to understand our requirements so that the final result of the house is one that really fits the owners and not the IDs.

Honestly, as a new home owner, we often do not know exactly what we want at the point when decision was made. That is where many last-minute changes happen. However, Danny has been very adaptive to our last min changes, and we are very glad that he had most things turn out the way we wanted.

One thing I really like about Danny is that he is very responsive in his communication with us throughout the whole renovation period. Whenever we have queries, or need to make an urgent decision and needs his opinion, we never hesitate to drop him a voice message because we know he cares about our concerns. And even though he has already handed over the house to us now, he will still reply to our queries promptly.

Frankly, no matter how much I write here does not justify his dedication to his project. You have to be in it with Danny, then you will understand what I’m saying. Have fun!


April 14, 2021

To my designer Mr. Derren Lim . Thank you for such a lovely interior decor and renovating my house . All of my members loved it. Whole theme , designs, colour combinations were absolutely fantastic . Again thank you for all the good work that you did and I will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs someone.


April 14, 2021

5We first came to know about ExQsite Interior Design through a Facebook advertisement. We engaged a few ID companies . We came across EXqsite interior Design. Not knowing what to expect and also desperately in need of an ID, we decided to try and right away we were assigned to. We met Terrence Chui and already on the first meeting, we were very impressed with his work, service and know. Terence was very accommodating our needs and wants. For every design we asked, he was able to draw a rough 3D on the spot to show us what it would look like and how we wanted it. He even had designs on his own to help us and guide us on making our beautiful home, a dream come true.

Terence had a tough time with our family as we were a family of 5 with five different varying ideas. He spent quality time with every single one of us to know our likes and dislikes and how exactly we wanted our own rooms. He catered to each of our needs, regardless of dark room, simple room, more storage, extra wardrobe space etc. He delivered multiple designs and examples that we could do.

We were very fickle minded with certain designs and colors and we repeatedly changed our ideas. However, there was never once where Terence lost his cool, he was very calm and patient with us. He is very organized and planned his work well in stages and delivered as he promised .He changed according to our likes and he always said, “I will definitely hand over the house proper to you just as you want it to be.” He said this from the first time we confirmed him till the very last day and true enough he did exactly what he said he would.

Not only was he patient with us, he even took the liberty to follow us through our shopping on purchasing lights, wallpaper, curtains and blinds. All of which were on different days. He sat and chose our designs together with us, despite having a busy schedule and also having an expecting wife as well. We are very thankful and we consider ourselves very lucky to have him as our ID. We would recommend him to our friends and family as he did a fantastic job for my family to have a beautiful home. It has been 20 years since we last did a renovation in our previous home. Despite all of that and being outdated in the modern house concept, Terence helped us a lot in the decision making to have a modern yet simple home that is perfect for my family. Thank you, Terence, for the past few months of going through this process with us and for delivering exactly what we expected and wanted. The best part is he delivered quality work with scheduled time.

We are very very pleased and satisfied with his work and design.


April 14, 2021

I would like to THANK YOU Jaden as my ID during my house renovation.

He is a very detail, patient and honest person and I would highly recommend Jaden for those who wish to get an ID that can give you a very pleasant and happy experience throughout your whole house renovation process.

He will make sure every part of my renovation is going smoothly and check with me any of the details are correct.

Due of my work is busy, I am relieved that he helped me with everything.

Thanks Jaden, you are a good ID to work with.


April 14, 2021

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Jaden our ID throughout our renovation journey.

We cannot thank him enough for being patient with us throughout the whole process. He is also a very efficient person who constantly updates us on the progress of the project keeping us rest assured that the renovation is in good hands. Jaden is very professional in handling and overcoming difficult situations and returns back with results. I highly recommend Jaden for those looking for a professional interior designer who pays attention to details and produces results!


April 14, 2021

Hi ExQsite,

Just want to write our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to our ID Danny Kok.

We started our sourcing for ID after key collection and Danny convinced us that he and ExQsite is the right person/company to collaborate with to build our new home.

Fast forward, we have already moved in and is very satisfied with the design and that he has come out with.

Thorough our engagement, Danny has demonstrated his willingness to understand the concept that we will like to have and through that coming up with his proposed idea. He is also patient and understanding when we requested for advices/changes along the way and chip in his professional 2 cents to recommend what he feel is the best.

For any defects found, he ensures that it is rectified in a responsive manner.

Danny, thank you for what you have done for us. Hope there will be opportunity for us to collaborate again.


April 14, 2021

Thank you, Danny, for all the help with our renovation. He’s experience and very patient with all kind of questions. Very happy with the renovation outcome!!


April 14, 2021

A big thanks to ID Danny on helping us on renovating our house. Patient with all kind of questions we have with great solutions. Would definitely recommended the service to our friends.


April 14, 2021

ExQsite was the first out of 23 ID companies that I have sent out requesting for quotations. Also, the 1st company that I met to express the ideas of my house. I was contacted and well approached by Sebastian. He is young and open to every idea I shared. He has been very patience throughout the whole process given that I am very fickle. Most importantly, I felt his sincerity in designing our 1st home. Overall, I am very satisfied with the services that was provided. I would say that it was a smooth process. Everything was done within the timeline given. I did not regret engaging Sebastian as my ID and I highly recommend him to other home owners! Well done Sebastian and I’m really thankful to have you assisting me throughout.

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