June 11, 2018

I was glad that i choosen ExQsite Interior Design for my house reno. ExQsite was never the cheapest when i get quotation for reference. however, base on KH Lee’s experience, honesty and his sincerity i decided to choose him.

The renovation work was done in a timely and good manner. And one good thing i will like to say was, the material used were all good quality and easy to maintain. I think that is what all modern working adults like us need most.

Lastly, a very hug THANK YOU to KH Lee and your team for the great jobs. My friends and relatives were all praising it.

I will strongly recommend ExQsite Interior Design to all my friends!!


September 4, 2018

We would like to show our appreciation to Danny from ExQsite Interior Design Pte Ltd, who had delivered our love nest to us in a tight timeline.

Danny is a young designer, who has passion and aptitude in interior design. He exhibits great patience in understanding our requirements, incorporating it into his designs to achieve a fine balance between aesthetics and practicality.
His response to our requirements is always โ€œthis is a small matter, no problemโ€, ever so accommodating and understanding. There was once when his carpentry team installed our master bedroom wardrobe differently from our agreed design. Due to our tight timeline, we even considered to just accept it and moved on. Danny however convinced us otherwise. He said as paying customers, we deserve the best and nothing less. If something bothers us, we should rectify it. He has never had any unsatisfied customers and he is not going to break tradition.

He took matters to his own hands and met up with the carpentry head to go through all the requirements again thoroughly on a weekend and on-site supervision over the next few days to ensure no hiccups and minimum delay to our tight schedule. End result? The master bedroom wardrobe was impeccable. There are so many commendable traits that Danny has that cant be justly elaborated here. Highly recommended for anyone looking for ID service.


September 21, 2018

Was recommended by my relative to Darren my ID. I would say he is a great person to work with. He listens to all my crazy ideas and advise me accordingly. He is patience and accepts my last minute changes here and there and make sure things are in place and on schedule.

All his contacts works have a fairly high workmanship. I actually managed to stay below my budget after all the variation orders put up.
The part of the work I loved most is my altar. They came over after dinner and help design my altar until late in the night. Everyone in my family loves and praise the work and design.

I will definitely recommend him if anyone wants to reno your house and will go back to him for future works.


October 14, 2018

My wife and I visited more than 10 IDs, small and big ones and at last we screened out Darren as our agent, based on overall cost, approachability and resourcefulness. He is a very helpful, considerate and patient. He was able to understand and accept most of our crazy ideas and put in his ideas if necessary. Doing renovation is not just about price. It’s also about trusting the person who handles the project and having mutual understanding with each other. From that aspect, Darren gave us a strong support as well.

This is written right after a late night visit by Darren and his colleague, simply because 2hr ago I sent him a msg that my curtain is not drawing smoothly.


October 22, 2018

I and my husband will like to show our appreciation to my ID Danny’s. A very professional designer that giving us a lot of ideas and being patience as we are unable to decide which way we wanna place our study table. A very friendly & responsible person. Although completion was a bit delay due to some defects, however, Danny try his very best to get it settled asap. Definitely highly recommended!!


October 27, 2018
We like to thank Darren Lim for his wonderful work for our home renovation. He is patient and often offered sound advice from sourcing of materials to the actual work. He is always responsive to queries and we’ve no difficulty in reaching him. The billing was transparent and we’d complete confidence in entrusting him. We understood there’re many details to take care off during the renovation process and Darren would always try his best to handle whatever issues that might have. It’s been a pleasure to have him working for our renovation and I’m sure Darren will continue to deliver outstanding projects in near future.


November 6, 2018

Danny…. Appreciate the help to execute, painless. ๐Ÿ™‚

Very responsive to text msgs, even from numerous initial enquiries to project phase.

Variations were handled well. Happy with the results

Thank you

Resale flat.


November 8, 2018

Very thankful to have Danny as our ID for our renovation journey. This young man is professional, flexible and easy going. He guided us throughout the course of our renovation and is also very responsive and will patiently answer to all your questions.

Most importantly with his years of experience he is able to provide valuable advice on the technical aspect of the renovation work and will let us know beforehand any issues that might occur so there are no surprises for us.

We really appreciate his efforts in trying his best to accomodate to our requirements. Overall we are very happy with the renovation outcome, good job Danny!


December 7, 2018
My husband and I would like to thank our ID, Elton, for his wonderful work giving us our dream home. Elton accommodates to our needs and tries his best to make our renovation ideas come true. He is very patient and he pays attention to the smallest details during the renovation. He is very friendly and it is a pleasure to work with him for our house renovation. We are glad to have Elton as our ID. Thank you Elton!


December 27, 2018
Great thanks to Danny Kok. After comparing among many other company/IDs we decide to engage him. And it turned out good and we are very satisfied with his services. He showed positive attitude. Tried his best to fulfill our every request. Giving swift respond with good explanations and suggestions on our enquiries . Managed to complete within tight timeline, carpentry work are well done. He is a reliable ID. Highly recommended! Worth the value of money.


March 8, 2019

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Alfred for the excellent jobs. He has delivered whatโ€™s promised, quick response person and able to advise on space and practical design. Kudos to his crew that are fast and efficient to handover within time frame. ๐Ÿ‘


March 14, 2019

My family n i would want to express our sincere thanks to our ID Aaron Goh.Its really a pleasure to work w him to achieve my ideal kitchen.Heโ€™s very patient n will always advise whatโ€™s the best for us. He always tries his very best to accommodate to my fussy requests. Grateful for his dedication n professionalism towards my reno n definitely no regrets choosing ExQsite.Highly recommended n certainly will recommend to family n friends around us ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you so much !!

With regards,

Tan family


March 16, 2019

Just a heartfelt thank you to our ID, Aaron Goh.

He has been very patience in understanding our needs (and changes), given a lot of great recommendations and most importantly, he has been very prompt in his replies and follow ups.
Hiccups do happen, but he made it a point to resolve them to the best of his efforts. His post reno follow up continues to be as prompt, in which we truly appreciate.
He is definitely a great designer to work with.
Thanks Aaron.


Reno done in 2018 Nov


March 17, 2019

A very late review… We engaged Stanley as our ID for our 1 +1 EC. We gv him a very difficult job, to put a wardrobe, bed and a study table in the study room and he managed to do it and I still got some space to walk. Workmanship is very top notch too. Price was affordable and very good customer service!


March 19, 2019

I would like to express our thanks and appreciation to our ID Aaron Goh. He has been patience and accommodating to all our request, showing us his professionalism and innovating ideas thoughout the process. We really love our renovated home, and truthly grateful to Aaron. So we really will recommend ExQsite Interior Design Pte Ltd and Aaron Goh services to all the people!

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