April 14, 2021

Lee was my ID, he is a detailed person who will guide you through the renovation process, gave good suggestions and ideas. Cabinet workmanship is good. Overall, a very pleasant experience with ExQsite Interior.


April 14, 2021

Hey all, want to put out a special shout out to our ID – William who has been a total rockstar when it comes to building our dream “minimalist sanctuary”.

Being first time home owners and a typical Singaporean (kiasu) couple, we spoke to a long list of IDs in search of the one who can execute our dream plan whilst sticking to our budget. All others, didn’t listen to our vision and decided to add a bunch of unnecessary add-ons, except for William. Even the ID from the so called Minimalist-focused firm decided that we need elaborate carpentry in every room….

Then came the process of the reno itself, William handled every step of the process and kept us abreast on all developments through whatsapp including pictures and videos. And his attention to details was incredible – getting his guys to fix up even small defects which we would have honestly not noticed. I can imagine many other IDs out there would have brushed it under the carpet or urged us that it’s normal.

This lengthy shout out still does not do justice to the amount of gratitude that we have for William in helping us achieve our dream home. Thank you, William,! We would continue to recommend your services to everyone we know who is in the process of building their dream home. Cheers!


April 14, 2021

Thank you, Jaden Lim from ExQsite Interior Design, for turning my 3Gen BTO to a beautiful home!

I met Jaden on Dec 2019 to discuss my BTO, we have our 3D drawing up. I got my key in March 2020 which is the time Covid-19 started. At time Jaden was still in Malaysia and he was only allowed to return in July 2020. Despite the distance, we continued discussing our drawing many changes were made. He was very patient and revised the drawing and quotation many times.

His patience and responsibility was remarkable and the price he quoted us was very competitive.

In renovations, there are sure to be hiccups, but he was able to coordinate and rectify any issues immediately and responsively.

My relatives and friends were impressed with the quality of the carpentry in my home.

We appreciate his responsiveness throughout the entire renovation. Even after handover of my flat ,he still responded when I need him to help on various touch-ups.

Thank you again Jaden for creating a beautiful and cosy home for us !!!


April 14, 2021

I would like to express my gratitude to my ID, Jaden, for doing a great job with my 5-room resale flat. Not the easiest reno as I needed it to be completed within 5 weeks during the COVID Phase 2. Jaden had also helped me with some design ideas when I was not able to decide or articulate what I want. Jaden also accompanied me and my dad when we had to choose our lights and bathroom/ kitchen fittings and gave us reliable suggestions/ ideas that will fit the color and the materials that we chose. Jaden was very prompt in giving us updates on the reno and this gave us a peace of mind. He was also responsive and very patient with my endless questions and request. Workmanship of the reno is good, given the short timeline and total reno cost is reasonable. Thank you so much, Jaden, for understanding my urgency to have the reno completed on time and for being very patient throughout, even till now. I will not hesitate to approach you again for more reno works in the future & will definitely recommend you to my friends & family members!


April 14, 2021

Had a really great experience with ExQsite, especially with KH Lee.

As a first-time home owner, we had a lot of ideas over the design of the house and overlooked the practical part. KH’s attention to every small detail such as the walking space around tight corners, the stability of the double deck for washing machine and dryer (Amazing work by the carpenter btw) and the opening door space of the cabinets, was superb. Everything falls into place perfectly when our furniture and electrical appliances come. He’s really like a big brother looking after us. We couldn’t ask for more.


April 14, 2021

We just finished our reno journey with Jaden. He is very prompt in his responses and whatever problems we surface, he is very responsive and does not hesitate to help us resolve any issues. He is also sincere in his communication with us, always calling us to tell us personally about the progress of our project. Highly recommend Jaden as an ID!


April 14, 2021

My Hubby and I will like to thank Min for her prompt response and patience. She never fails to give us good advice. We were glad that the renovation went very well. She knew that we have a pet rabbit at home so she is always trying to make sure the Reno will not affect the pet rabbit. Thank you, Min!


April 14, 2021

CK from ExQsite Interior has been extremely patient and understanding to understand our situation and requirement. Trusted and very responsible to ensure our renovation is delivered up to our expectation. Highly recommended to choose him as your ID!


April 14, 2021

My wife and I are very thankful to Darren from ExQsite Interior Design and his crew of workers for their hard work renovating our flat amidst the unpredictable situation after Circuit Breaker, especially as there was a shortage of workers and the reno schedule had to comply with safe distancing.

Darren gave us an excellent home design to maximise the spacious and sleek look in our new home, which perfectly fit what we had intended our home to look like. He was also very accommodating of our requests (this was our first reno and we sometimes couldn’t make up our minds) and was very thorough in following up.

What impressed us the most was his honesty and responsibility as he proactively ensured that the reno was done to a high standard. This was exactly what we were looking in an ID for as my wife and I were very busy and could not spare the time to oversee the work ourselves.

Would highly recommend Darren and ExQsite Interior Design to anyone looking to redesign their homes.


April 14, 2021

I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to Dylon. He has been a great help and always provide good suggestion and he is very careful and detail in his work making sure everything is ok. He is very warm and sincere and with good attitude. I will go back to him again if i need any renovation.


April 14, 2021

Our experience with designer CK is most certainly a satisfactory one. Despite the covid-19 situation and thus lack of manpower, CK managed to complete our renovation within our expected timeframe. He constantly updated us on the renovation progress and also give us his honest opinions. He’s not those who just simply want to earn your money by recommending impractical things. He’s punctual in meet ups and very friendly. Overall, we were very satisfied with the job done to our BTO. Kudos to him and the workers. Will definitely recommend him.


April 14, 2021

My husband and I would like to express our deepest thanks and appreciation to our Interior Designer Darren for his excellent service in designing and managing renovation of my resale flat.

Darren is a very responsible, patient and reliable person. He is able to listen to customers, be open to suggestions and also provide us with professional advice when needed. The entire renovation process was smooth, and the decoration is of good quality.

Throughout the renovation period, Darren updated us all the details and made sure the house was done within the deadline. We will definitely recommend him to our friends.


April 14, 2021

Our experience with Jason during our resale flat major overhaul is overall satisfactory and we would recommend his service. Jason is responsible and ensured all our reno works are done smoothly with only minor hiccups. He took responsibility of his mistake and rectified the problem promptly. We are very thankful to have Jason to complete our first home reno. His price is also quite reasonable and he is very easy to communicate even when we decided to outsource our flooring vendor.


April 14, 2021

We would firstly like to thank Dylon for his tireless effort and dedication to making our dream home come true.

Dylon is an exceptional individual with great experience and commendable professionalism. His genuineness and passion turned our ideas/dreams into reality. He was very patient in dealing with every obstacle that we had encountered; his commitment is almost tangible. His patience and calm demeanour gave us the assurance we needed.

With trust in his experience and professional advice, our kitchen was successfully revamped into a more contemporary concept and we were even recommended with the latest products that best fit with our ideas. He is easy to work with and understands our needs, always suggesting ideas that are in line with ours.

ExQsite’s office is beautiful and filled with friendly and welcoming personnel; there is even a showroom section with bedroom and kitchen areas. It’s where we began our journey to building our dream home.

Thanks, Dylon, we truly appreciate your work, and we highly recommend ExQsite Interior Design.


Ridhwan & Ashikin


April 14, 2021

When we visited our buddy’s house, I was very impressed with the quality of the carpentry in his house. During that time, we are in the midst of looking for other ID firms, but none of them were as impressive as Danny from ExQsite.

After the first meet up we gave Danny our requirements and floor plan. During the 2nd meet up, he came out with a 2D drawing on the floor plan with our requirement, we were impressed by his professionalism. As we plan to demolish a couple of walls and worried that HDB might not approve, Danny volunteered to pay a visit to our house to check out before we signed the contract with him. At the 3rd meet up at our BTO, Danny told us what are the can and cannot through his years of experience. After the meet up at our BTO, we went back to his show room to signed the deal with him.

During the renovation process, my wife and I changed quite a bit of stuff but Danny never refused our request for once and he will try his very best to accommodate our requirements. If he thinks that our request is a good to have but not suitable for long term living, he will come back with a counter proposal for us.

He will try to understand our requirements so that the final result of the house is one that really fits the owners and not the IDs.

As a first timer home owner, we often do not know exactly what we want at the point when decision was made. This is where many last-minute changes happen. However, Danny has been very adaptive to our last-minute changes, and we are very glad that he had most things turn out the way we wanted.

Danny is also very responsive in his communication with us throughout the whole renovation period, even if we have queries on choosing the colors for our door and door knot which is out of his job scope, he will do his best to answer and advise us. Even now Danny have hand over the house to us, he still promptly reply when we ask him about the little things like positioning of the furniture in the house etc.

Thank you, Danny, for helping us through this renovation journey.

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