We engage Davier to be our ID way back in Sep 2019. We thought we will

get our keys to our new 3 room BTO somewhere around May 2020. But then

Covid-19 came & our flat was delayed to 4th Quarter of 2020. He constantly kept

us update on the situation via Whatsapp. When we finally were able to

meet face to face again to discuss on our reno, we changed our reno ideas

a few times but he takes in all our input graciously & gave us his opinions.

It’s a two-way communication without any problems.

Work started & he kept us updated on the progress constantly. We were

very happy with the smooth reno progress.

When it’s time to handover to us, we were amaze to see our house looks

exactly like the 3D drawings he gave us. Everything is attention to detail.

Now we can’t wait to go home every day after work to see our lovely

home & enjoy the comfort that is created for us.

Davier is truly a professional when comes to doing his job

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