When we decided to remodel our home, a main consideration was whether to work with an interior designer or not. The main reason was the budget. The key for us was to find someone that would understand our constraints and also have the ability to integrate that with our plans.

After researching, meeting and getting quotations from various interior designers, more than a dozen at least, we finally found Jacob of ExQsite Interior Design.

By then, I was obviously very exhausted so when Jacob offered a Zoom meeting on a Sunday, I was kind of relieved! At least I don’t have to spend time and money travelling. I was pleasantly surprised that Jacob did his homework based on the list of things I asked for and our layout plan! He came prepared for the 1st meeting with a mock up 3D presentation!! Definitely helped me a lot, as I’m such a visual type of person. After lengthy discussions with Jacob regarding everything involved in the project, we knew that ExQsite Interior Design was the one for us. Not only did Jacob came prepared with a 3D, he worked around the closest to our budget and most importantly, I had good vibes about him and I could sense the honesty and sincerity

We liked Jacob because he listened carefully and understood what we were trying to accomplish while being personable and genuine. He was sensitive to our needs and was able to translate our ideas and budget into a realistic plan. The saying “you don’t know what you don’t know” describes what a person begins to realize when encountering the extent and complexity of an interior decorating project performed correctly. Murphy’s Law figures greatly in these situations also. We realized that having a person we could trust and depend on was key to the overall success. Of course, just like any projects or things in life, it’s not all rosy, but when issues and questions came up, as they always will in a job like this, Jacob was very accessible and addressed them quickly and effectively. He becomes your ally, always checking with you to make sure you are happy and satisfied with the progress as well as staying within budget. Anyone that has embarked on similar projects with contractors and IDs can attest to the need for a professional when things don’t go as expected or proposed.

Overall, we are extremely pleased with the service and expertise provided by Jacob. We would recommend Jacob without the slightest hesitation. The house was totally transformed into a beautiful space, or rather one that we call our own.

We truly could not have accomplished this without Jacob’s help, patience and also tolerating with my OCDness . Yes, even 5mm difference in placements and measurements mattered and Jacob tried his very best to make sure that everything was aligned centrally and symmetrically wherever possible!

Thank you so much Jacob and ExQsite! We are loving our home

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