Hey all, want to put out a special shout out to our ID – William who has been a total rockstar when it comes to building our dream “minimalist sanctuary”.

Being first time home owners and a typical Singaporean (kiasu) couple, we spoke to a long list of IDs in search of the one who can execute our dream plan whilst sticking to our budget. All others, didn’t listen to our vision and decided to add a bunch of unnecessary add-ons, except for William. Even the ID from the so called Minimalist-focused firm decided that we need elaborate carpentry in every room….

Then came the process of the reno itself, William handled every step of the process and kept us abreast on all developments through whatsapp including pictures and videos. And his attention to details was incredible – getting his guys to fix up even small defects which we would have honestly not noticed. I can imagine many other IDs out there would have brushed it under the carpet or urged us that it’s normal.

This lengthy shout out still does not do justice to the amount of gratitude that we have for William in helping us achieve our dream home. Thank you, William,! We would continue to recommend your services to everyone we know who is in the process of building their dream home. Cheers!

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