Buying house during this covid period had been very challenging. Housing price are very expensive. But luck was on my side because i manage to buy a 4 room resale at reasonable cheap price.

First look of my new home, i asked myself, did i regret?.. The interior of the whole house look terrible. I need to fork out a bomb to revamp this whole unit 😔. Until a friend of mine recommended me ExQsite Interior Design.
The first time i step foot at the showroom, i was like ‘ why am i here ‘ ..? The showroom look very exclusive, like only for the rich. Came this cheerful guy name Alfred. We immediately became good friends after the first handshake.
Very serious and commited to his work. His knowledge is out of this world. Service provided is beyond words. After the discussion on my design and layout. I remember he tap me on my shoulder and said ” bro, i will make your house very nice “.
He plan his manpower and material well even during this covid period. No shortage of supply or delay. Infact, everything was ahead of schedule. His effort to always come and meet me at my place even during the night to discuss on my house, nothing i can repay that.
My old ugly home look brand new now. New whole house electrical component. Brand new toilet. No more ugly expose piping, because its all concealed. Kitchen look so beaitiful that i didnt want to cook because i want it to always look brand new. He is present everyday to monitor my reno progress. Not a single miscalculation on the work progress and workmanship.
All i asked was a simple whole house white. He handover me beyond beauty. All at affordable price met within my budget.

Thank you Alfred and ExQsite design for the awesome service. You the best!!

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